The Institute for World Problems - for Europe

The Institute for World Problems for Europe presents a form of dissemination of previous knowledge about different understanding of the philosophy of development and civilizational structure and horizontal organization of Europe and the world based on education because schooling is not enough.

The Institute is part of a worldwide institute founded at Virginia University, USA, and operates on all five continents as a form of action to raise awareness of the human species and its role vis-à-vis other life forms and the life on Earth.

The Institute for World Problems is headed byprof. Glen T. Martin, and in 2019 the institute’s headquarters in USA was renamed the Earth Federation Institute.

The Earth Federation Institute (EFI) serves as a dynamic think-tank dedicated to creating a global system of freedom, justice and peace. The faculty and students of the Institute examine the solutions of world challenges in depth and from the perspective of comprehensive and complete systems. The Earth Federation Institute designs, offers and conducts non-formal education courses, from various fields such as world legislation.

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