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The Institute for World Problems for Europe presents a form of dissemination of previous knowledge about different understanding of the philosophy of development and civilizational structure and horizontal organization of Europe and the world based on education because schooling is not enough.

The Institute is part of a worldwide institute founded at Virginia University, USA, and operates on all five continents as a form of action to raise awareness of the human species and its role vis-à-vis other life forms and the life on Earth.

The Institute for World Problems is headed byprof. Glen T. Martin, and in 2019 the institute’s headquarters in USA was renamed the Earth Federation Institute.

Slavko Kulić, dr.sc. (Honored Scientist; Univ.Prof.)

With his public activities, Slavko Kulić inspires people in the direction of globalization of humanism versus globalization of violence.

With his messages and teachings he encourages humanization versus dehumanization through understanding of the Universe and universal laws of nature, thus achieving higher levels of consciousness in other people and understanding the harmony of thought and behaviour towards life and nature (polyglot - man who understands the Universe and the behaviour towards life and nature).

The emphasis of his public action is on the dematerialization of civilization versus the philosophy of materialism, the reduction of conflicts with nature and life. He supports life on Earth as a whole because life is the most valuable thing that exists on Earth. It is the cosmic ability of the human species in human DNA.

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Some of the more important works in the last 30 years
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  • The problem of affirmation of moral consciousness in capitalism, which is neither a moral nor an immoral society, but an amoral one, requires a discussion of humanity in the world, Europe and Croatia.

  • If young people are not able to contribute with their knowledge and actions to the world, Europe and Croatian reality - then they should certainly not be a problem to Croatia, Europe or the world as we are today.

  • Freedom of production ensures the production of freedom in a creative rather than a commercial orientation.

  • Living and working on debt legally leads in the direction of modern slavery, consent to submission as a way of survival.

  • Croatia's future has no prospects on the debt doctrine.

  • A philosophy of creative orientation is needed instead of an imposed commercial orientation (Spinoza’s philosophy instead of Hobbes philosophy).

  • One cannot survive on someone else's power, but on the power from within oneself with the support of oneself. Intelligent beings and vertebrates secure their lives on self-movement, on the power from within themselves.

  • There has been no social construct (political and legal) in Croatia since 1991, so schooling and education are understood and interpreted as if their purpose and meaning are in itself, outside the social-humanistic goals, which also do not exist.

Expert opinions / forensic expertise

More than 40 years and experience in conducting research studies and complex litigation (investment and criminal).

More than 40 years and experience in conducting research studies and complex litigation (investment and criminal).

Expert opinions are necessary in the trial process because judges and lawyers cannot provide expert opinion. Judicial expertise is necessary to assist the court and the public prosecutor's office at the request of the court or the parties in the dispute.

Any waiver of these expert opinions reduces the trial process and the most serious crimes under the undue influence of political determinism or ease of trial.

Research studies:

  • The methodology of research in all complex matters is a scientific methodology that establishes the facts of material truth without which there is no fair and objective judgment. Neither lower nor higher levels of trial can give that up.
  • Research studies related to the change in the structure of consciousness and behaviour of the human species require a change in the scientific paradigm that we have used so far. Such studies are the basis for changing the behaviour of the human species towards nature and life on Earth.