The Institute cooperates with individuals and organizations that have a preoccupation with the change of the horizontal civilizational structure (relationship of superiority and subordination) into a horizontal civilizational structure (equality within the human species and people as a subject of culture in the world). It is about human endeavour (humanization of the human species, learning) in terms of a higher level of human consciousness and self-awareness, a more responsible role of the human species in the food chain of life. Derivation of the development potentials of the individual and the human species from the mental structure of the human species, which according to UNESCO research belongs to the mental structure of previous centuries, from the 20th to the 12th century. It is a fundamental problem of the survival and development of life on Earth, a change from a backward mentality to a mentality that understands the more responsible role of the human species on planet Earth. It is a problem of learning in terms of the planetary maturation of the human race, especially the governing structures of the powerful and numerous peoples of the world.

The institute is happy to respond to cooperation opportunities on projects, educational activities, etc. Feel free to contact us.